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Editor’s picks: wedding colour schemes we love

Wednesday 10th October 2018
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Do you want playful and fun or lavish and intimate? Bright and daring or subtle and seductive? Your colour scheme underpins your entire wedding and sadly, it isn’t as simple as putting two shades together and calling it a day. See our guide for all the colour scheme inspiration you could ever want for your own special day.


Red and pink

Though not your typical combination, deep reds with lighter pinks and hints of metallics are this years favourite. In particular, rose gold coupled with deep, warm colours creates a sophisticated, bold look whilst simultaneously retaining the elegance of a typical wedding day.


We all know rustic weddings are in, and with good reason too! By selecting a myriad of various foliages, you can achieve a wonderful sense of depth and texture in a similar way to a heavily floral scheme.


Shades of champagne, ivory and blush are very popular this season as we welcome new flowers in to bloom. By selecting this colour scheme, you allow the opportunity to add a pop of colour where needed. Whether this be adding green foliage to create a more organic and wild look, or choosing a brighter colour for your bridesmaids bouquets’ – either way, it provides a great base for your chosen colour scheme!

Tonal shades

If you’re looking for elegance, using tonal variations of classic colour palettes are the best way of giving your wedding a chic, yet wholly timeless look. Layering shades of colour help to create depth whilst exuding a sense of simplicity and style.

Gold and purple

As we head into the cooler months, deep shades of purple combined with subtle hints of metallics and greens provide a truly beautiful combination. Metallic accent colours help to create a sense of timeless sophistication whilst the base colour shows personality and flare.