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Weekday or Weekend Wedding?

Monday 1st March 2021
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Weekday or Weekend Wedding?

Planning a wedding date that suits all your needs is not easy. One of the biggest questions you can ask yourself is whether it is better to celebrate your wedding day on a weekday or a weekend. Here are some steps to keep in mind when planning your big day:


According to English traditions and auspicious omens, a Wednesday is considered the luckiest day to celebrate. As well as this, Mondays and Tuesdays were also considered for celebration if Wednesday’s are not available. Mondays are said to bring good health and prosperity for newlyweds who choose to marry on Tuesday.


Saturday is usually the best day for guests to attend a wedding. Meaning most of your attendees do not have to use holiday allowance, as a lot of the population do not work on weekends. The reception being held on a Saturday night may continue late into the early hours of the Sunday too so it’s a popular choice for a lot of couples wanting to ensure their guests can fully enjoy the festivities. Sundays are also a great choice to celebrate provided your guests don’t mind having a fuzzy head on a Monday morning!


Choosing a popular day like Saturday will increase the chances of a venue or supplier filling up. Mondays and Thursdays are quieter, so you are more likely to be able to book everything you need for the perfect wedding.

Thornton Manor is one of the North West’s finest wedding venues, here in the stunning English countryside, we still have selected dates available for 2021, so contact us today to book your ideal wedding date.

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